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Enabling secure global mobility and connectivity

Bulldog SoHo

Single person carry IP cryptographic solution that allows Users to exchange information at the highest classification without compromise

Bulldog Mobile

Game changing Wifi connectivity protecting your data in transit from a range of End User devices

Bulldog Rugged

Small form factor rugged IP encryptor, with integrated rechargeable battery, providing IP65 compliant tactical UK sovereign High Grade solution

Customer Support

User centric support approach, including training, helpdesk and extended warranty options delivered against ITIL best practices

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Driven by the USER, the Bulldog family of PRIME cryptographic devices is designed to operate anywhere. The Bulldog solution is supported by a range of flexible management and configuration options to deliver seamless network integration and operations. Bulldog devices are interoperable with other PRIME compliant devices, and compatible with a wide variety of user access devices. 

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